The Trend Management toolkit is indispensable for decoding and communicating trends

Tomorrow’s Changing Mindsets

Adopting a strictly linear approach to a set of non-linear challenges inhibits both creativity and innovation culture. Our Trend Management tools are designed to assist with sense making of challenges and opportunities, bringing together disparate trends and multi-layered insights to decipher tomorrow’s people and society, and how this will impact businesses. The tools are engaging and meant to spark open dialogue across your organisation, inviting all stakeholders to join the conversation about our common future.

Create your Future Roadmap

Kjaer Global’s integrated Trend Management toolkit was designed to support the innovation process. It consists of maps, models and a set of Trend Cards to navigate complexity across markets and geographies to tap into people’s future needs, wants and behaviour. Using The Futurist Toolkit is indispensable for decoding and communicating trends in a wider context. Based on tried-and-tested methodologies, the tools were developed to kick-start an inspired and informed process for co-creating your future roadmap(s).

The 4P Business Model

To drive sustainable growth and foster purpose-driven leadership we need new business models. Our 4P model was launched at the Economist’s Big Rethink conference in 2012. The 4P bottom line is based on a philosophy of balance to cultivate better approaches to business. Because when you have a positive impact on people and planet – with a purposeful ethos to match – you cultivate resilient and profitable ventures.

Our futurist toolkit is designed to link trends and human
behaviour in a holistic sensemaking framework

Multidimensional Thinking

Our robust holistic methodology is the foundation of everything we do. Using a multidimensional platform we filter insights through the Scientific, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual dimensions of society to explore the interconnected layers of trends. This enables us to evaluate how they will evolve and affect tomorrow’s reality in the mid- to long-term timeframe.

Our Trend Atlas

The Trend Atlas is our GPS for navigating complexity and a crucial trend management element. The Atlas provides a structured way to classify and map the socioeconomic drivers and cultural influences that are likely impact change. Mapping trends in a multidimensional structure makes it easy to identify the core building blocks of the future and to understand their interconnectedness.

Trend Cards

The Trend Cards (A6) come with the Trend Atlas (A2). The cards explain the what, why, how of each trend by highlighting key risks and opportunities in a 4P context. This deck is valuable toolkit used in our trend mapping workshops to open dialogue about the future and for developing a customised Trend Atlas, Trend Compass, scenarios or future roadmap.

The Trend Compass

The Trend Compass is our tool for clustering and linking trends. It acts as a filter for synthesising data from the research phase and provides a clear overview of the core drivers impacting a specific industry or predetermined challenge. To learn more about the Trend Compass get our book or join the Kjaer Academy where you can download the template.

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