Trend management is a collaborative process providing
you with the right toolkit to navigate the future

Tomorrow’s World and your Industry

Kjaer Global are pioneers and experts in trend management. Over decades we have helped organisations develop future-focused ideas, concepts and strategies to foster new thinking. Using our unique trend management toolkit, we highlight risks and opportunities to better understand society, business and people on both a current and future framed context. Our methodology and design-thinking process includes industry segment analysis, trend mapping, future scenarios, strategy roadmaps, innovation concepts and consumer segmentation. Our work help fostering creative leadership and innovation culture for a better tomorrow.

Taking advantage of Change

We can all learn how to adapt the mindset of a futurist and take advantage of change. Training organisations in How to Think, Work, Play like a Futurist is key to cultivating curiosity culture and creativity. Our tried and tested trend mapping system is used to detect today’s change drivers to successfully navigate tomorrow. Kjaer Global assist organisations in processes required for confident trend management. Offering an evidence-based, outside-in multidimensional perspective, we guide people in critical thinking to support focused planning and innovation processes alongside communication and branding strategies.

Our Trend Management Process
Trend Audit
1. Frame: The first step is to frame your business challenges and establish the central objectives for collaboration. This process typically involves key stakeholders and project owners. Exploring your current knowledge ensures we share the same background, expectations and starting points.

2. Ideate: Interviews, brainstorm and workshops help us to expand on the brief and objectives. We challenge the status quo and open up to fresh perspectives and strategies for optimising the outcome of the collaboration.

Horizon Scanning

3. Research: To contextualise the current situation, we apply a wide lens to explore demographic changes, geopolitics, economic developments and legislation. We consider potentially disruptive forces – from technology breakthroughs to new lifestyles, consumer behaviours and business models.

4. Mapping: In the information-gathering phase we use our multidimensional platform, filtering and analysing research to provide a holistic and balanced perspective. In workshops we deep dive on specific issues and areas to fully capture, understand and map the trends influencing your business.

Sense Making

5. Synthesise: Our sense-making tools and analysis consolidate and validate findings. The outcome is a synthesis of the most valuable insights and ideas  – a practical roadmap of tools, including narratives and scenarios built around people and situations.

6. Roadmap: We envisage plausible futures using our roadmap tools. These are framed around specific ‘what if’ questions that emerged from the horizon scanning. This process moves current thinking forward, inspires new vision and business concepts to inform your strategic roadmap.

7. Action: Findings are balanced within our 4P framework of People, Planet, Purpose and Profit. Working in close collaboration with core stakeholders and strategy teams, we develop a robust framework to achieve tangible results that match your original project objectives.

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