Media and Talks Video Gallery

TEDxFrederiksberg 2019

The Power of One: Perhaps it is time to re-set our moral compass?

Made in Steel

Interview with Anne Lise Kjaer

5G Techritory Nordic Forum

5G Forum Riga: The Liquid Society 2030+

5G Techritory Forum Riga

Smart City Panels and Keynote at the Baltic Region 5G Ecosystem Forum

TEDxArendal 2017

Postcards from the Future: How to Think, Play and Work like a Futurist

ASEAN Women of Tomorrow

More than 250 corporate women and entrepreneurs attended the ASEAN conference

CGTN America: The Heat

Looking back and ahead in technology: Anand Naidoo, Kjaer Global, Gizmodo

Behind the Scenes: The Jetsons

The Jetsons with Justin Lin, top futurists and Arconic engineers

WIRED: Transportation 2062

Wired Lab collaboration: Top futurists and Arconic engineers in conversation

WIRED: Cityscapes 2062

Tomorrow's cities: Top futurists and Arconic engineers in conversation

WIRED: Automotive 2062

Wired Lab collaboration: Top futurists and Arconic engineers in conversation

TRT World Live

The Newsmakers Interview: Are we living in the Matrix?

A glimpse into the future

A glimpse into the future. FORCE OVER MASS - Bloomberg

Seoul Future Forum

Anne Lise Kjaer: The future of technology in a 4P context

Automototv: Future of Luxury 2030

Volvo XC90 press launch: Kjaer Global's Luxury Trend Compass and report

Expert Panel: Evolution of Luxury

Kjaer Global's independent luxury report: The experts discuss highlights

How to Make the Future Happen

DisrupTV: Vala Afshar, Salesforce and R “Ray” Wang, Constellation

Al Jazeera: Inside Story

On Tesla: What's the future of driverless cars?

Postcards from the Future

Generali: Leadership keynote and workshop

Al Jazeera: Inside Story

On Mitsubishi: Can consumers trust the car industry?

Data-driven marketing

Oracle: Modern Marketing Experience Europe 2015

TEDx Salford University

Multidimensional Thinking and Tomorrow's Women

Aimia Institute Dialogue

Expert Panel: Tomorrow's empowered customers

Aimia Institute B’fast Meeting

Kjaer interview: Disruptive innovation and band storytelling

Aimia Institute B’fast Meeting

Kjaer interview: The Why, What, How of your brand

International AMBA Conference

ITN interview: The future of higher education

@ Google UK: Digital Creativity

Keynote on Tomorrow's People: Danish UK Chamber of Commerce

Euro Horizon SMEs 2030+

EU Austria: The New Economy and Tomorrow’s Global Citizens

Democratic Design Thinking

DI Furniture Symposium Copenhagen: Danish design classics and 4P innovation

Innovation Overkill

Central Saint Martins: The expert discuss tomorrow's disruptive innovation

BBVA OpenMind Madrid

Book Launch highlights: There is a Future – Visions for a Better World

Euro SME Conference

EU Ireland: SMEs Innovate and Grow

Visions for a Better World (ES)

BBVA OpenMind: Presentación de 'Hay Futuro' en Madrid

Generation IP: 2025 Roundtable

Virgin Media: The experts discuss the future of connected technology

RTS Digital World Conference

Kjaer interview: The future of television

2020 Shaping Ideas by Ericsson

Ericsson 2020: Empathic leadership and the female factor

The Networked Society

Ericsson: Documentary on tomorrow's smart society and people

Shaping Ideas

Ericsson 2020: Behind the Scene and the Why, What, How of Shaping Ideas

The No-age Society

Ageing Well Network Keynote: The Business of Ageing:

Mayor of London Global Debates

Technology, disruption and convergence: Kjaer in dialogue with Jimmy Wales

Tomorrow’s Workplace (DK)

HKA NYT: Employee will expect flexibility and influence at work

WorkTECH Conference

British Library Keynote: Tomorrow’s workplace and how to inspire your employees

The Future of Innovation

Lund University: Innovation in Mind

Thinking Differently for the Future

Kjaer interview: Enterprising Donegal Business Week

Futurist Anne Lise Kjaer

Kjaer interview: How to navigate the future

Motion Conference Norway

Keynote: Exploring tomorrow's leadership and innovation

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