Learn how to think, work and play like a futurist

Our customised workshops

Our custom-made workshops can help you navigate the future. The visionary format are designed to assist organisations strategic planning and roadmap creation for leading change, with the potential to turn specific business challenges into opportunities. Our toolkit and workshop exercises are invaluable – supported by our online academy – they teach you how to think like a futurist and cultivate new thinking within your sector.

Think Like a Futurist

Your journey begins our online knowledge-sharing platform for self-paced learning. The Kjaer Academy supports you throughout any Trend Management process, from ideation to concept development. Our practical bit-sized courses provide in-depth insights into how to Think, Work & Play Like a Futurist using trends to narrate the future – and how to successfully use them in strategy, planning and implementation.

What you get

* Trend Management introduction and practical applications for your sector
* Coaching to help you develop future navigational skills
* Strategic business advice and guidance to educate your own inhouse futurists
* Inspirational team building and ideation within a dynamic group setting

What to expect

* A stimulating online learning platform for knowledge sharing
* Skills in trend mapping, future scenario planning and persona creation
* Inspiration and insights into ‘how to think like a futurist’ 
* Guidance on how to apply trend management within your business

Ask us anything about the future, our courses or your project

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