Media and Talks Video Gallery

Digital World Conference I RTS

The future of television: Where are we now and what might tomorrow look like?

Networked Society I Ericsson

Ericsson: Documentary on tomorrow's smart society and people

Shaping Ideas 2020 I Ericsson

Ericsson 2020: Behind the Scene and the Why, What, How of Shaping Ideas

The No-age Society I Dublin

Ageing Well Network Keynote: The Business of Ageing in a No-Age Society and why Gen X will be different

Global Debates I Mayor of London

Technology, disruption and convergence: Kjaer in dialogue with Jimmy Wales

WorkTECH I British Library

Keynote: Tomorrow’s workplace and how to inspire your employees WorkTECH Conference London

Innovation in Mind I Lund

Lund University: How do we rethink innovation strategies and methodologies to create sustainable future design

Thinking Differently for the Future

Interview: Enterprising Donegal Business Week invited Kjaer to inspire SMEs to think different for the future

How to navigate the future

Futurist Anne Lise Kjaer interview: We help companies navigate the future in a complex world

Motion Conference I Norway

Keynote: Exploring tomorrow's leadership and innovation

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