Media and Talks Video Gallery

WIRED I Automotive 2062

Wired Lab collaboration: Top futurists and Arconic engineers in conversation

In the Matrix I TRT World Live

The Newsmakers Interview: Are we living in the Matrix?

The future Dialogue I Bloomberg

A glimpse into the future. FORCE OVER MASS - Bloomberg

Future of Technology I SFF Seoul

Seoul Future Forum interview: Tomorrow's technology in 4P innovation context of people, planet, purpose and profit

Future of Luxury I Automototv

Volvo XC90 press launch: Kjaer Global's Luxury Trend Compass and report

Evolution of Luxury I Expert Panel

Kjaer Global's independent luxury report: The experts discuss highlights

How to Make the Future Happen

On Tesla: What's the future of driverless cars?

Postcards from the Future

Generali: Leadership keynote and workshop

Inside Story I Al Jazeera

On Mitsubishi: Can consumers trust the car industry?

Data-driven marketing I Oracle

Oracle: Modern Marketing Experience Europe 2015

TEDx Salford University I UK

Multidimensional Thinking and Tomorrow's Women

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