The Trend Compass is designed to synthesise
and link macro trends in an easy-to-navigate overview

8 Global Trend Snapshots

Our 2020 Trend Compass

Kjaer Global’s unique methodology is your essential tool for global trend management. Our 8 Key Trends 2020 is a shortlist of key influences already impacting society and people, and shaping the way we will live, work and do business in the future. We describe each trend individually – although all are interconnected – and present them as inspiring and visually engaging ‘future sound bites’.

An Easy-to-Navigate Overview

Understanding how trends are linked to people’s needs and behaviour is essential to creating new strategies for leadership, R&D and innovation. The Trend Compass is designed to synthesise and link society drivers and macro trends in an easy-to-navigate overview. Connecting the dots will inspire fresh thinking for organisations on the challenges and new opportunities that lie ahead. 

Connecting the Dots with the Trend Compass

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