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Talks & News

PING Festival, Helsinki 2018

“Creativity Meets Business”: Keynote @ Europe’s leading H2H digital marketing event

HEC, Paris March 2018

“Top executive training programme”: Kjaer keynote lecture and workshop

Hager Forum, February 2018

Trend Session #6: Eight major changes on the horizon. Keynote by Anne Lise Kjaer


The Jetsons 2062: Project by Justin Lin, top futurists and Arconic engineers

MIT Media Lab

“Future of People & Work”: Engage in new paths, Learn your way up, Lead smart

TRT World Live

“Are we living in the Matrix?” The Newsmakers interview w/Anne Lise Kjaer


“Ask me anything about the future” George Osborne, Kjaer, Calum Chace, Anders Sandberg, David Wood

AT&T Shape

“Changing Mindsets in a Networked Future” Nate Silver, Peter Diamonds, Jason Silva, Ray Kurzweil, Kjaer

What, How, Why

We help companies navigate complexity and decode trends to explore, rethink and shape the future. Our unique trend management toolkit draws on design-thinking methods to bring new ideas and innovation concepts to life. We inspire organisations to engage in open dialogue about tomorrow’s people and society

“Anne Lise Kjaer is an outstanding futurist, visionary and speaker. If you’re looking for an energy boost of the future she is perfect for the job”

Martin Lindstrom, author Small Data; TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People

“Our success relies on adapting to the future faster than our competitors. Kjaer’s toolkit is an invaluable resource to think deeply about that future”

Sir Ian Cheshire, former group CEO, Kingfisher plc

“Using The Trend Management Toolkit, business leaders can apply a systemic approach to understanding how to visualize the future”

R "Ray" Wang, founder, Constellation Research Inc.; author of Disrupting Digital Business, Harvard Business Publishing

“Kjaer's book is a great practical guide to understanding trends and building a strategy to respond to them”

Mike Barry, director Plan A, Marks & Spencer

“Kjaer presents the business case for a balanced people, planet, purpose, and profit outlook – a sustainable business model that is close to my own heart”

Søren Hermansen, CEO, Samsø Energy Academy; TIME magazine’s Hero of the Environment

“Kjaer Global offers a new and multidimensional set of tools to navigate in the 21st century”

Lars Engman, former design director, IKEA

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