Project: Source Palette & Framework
Who: Herman Miller HQ (USA)
Furniture and Office Interiors
: 8 weeks

“You inspired me in so many ways and opened my eyes to a new way of processing information”

Up-date and validate the CMF (Colour, Material & Finishes) Source Palette and Framework. The program should provide customers with the most streamlined and purposeful CMF offering to reduce NPD (new product development) time.

The Work, Heal, Learn & Live Environment

Our Work
* Expert Feedback on existing CMF
* Current CMF & Source Palette validation
* Framework for the overall CMF Source Palette
* Strategy up-date to link Environment & Products
* Vision and goals for holistic design integration

* Report and future recommendations

The CMF strategy reinvented the way clients chose material and colours as the source palette enabled an overall harmony between the environment, furniture and people. This approach ensured that CMF choices always were appropriate for any products while appealing to designers and facilities managers when sourcing furniture and interiors.