Project: B2B Innovation Launch Catalogue
Who: Swarovski HQ (AU)
 Crystal components
Time: 6 months

“Creating a trend platform for product Innovations”

To create two consumer driven, trends based inspirational coherent launch brochures for Swarovski product novelties for both the Lighting and Architecture and Bath and Wellness categories.

Aid the B2B aspect by inspiring and educating distributors and retailers as well as new business. To establish and narrate core segmentation and link these to society drivers and key trends impacting on the crystal components business.

Our Work
* Workshops and brainstorm sessions
* Expert feedback on existing material
* Qualitative research and media scan
* Linking trends to crystal components
* Synthesis of trends and consumer insights
* Art direction and graphic design input
* Inspiring narration of core segments
* Full scale contextual writing to be published
* Original image sourcing from Kjaer’s photo library
* Establishing NPD and design parameters
* Taking in-house trend work to the next level

* Ongoing positive feedback from B2B customers
* Bridging the gap between B2B and the end-user
* Strenthening of in-house trend management
* Platform for NPD and strategy
* Ongoing positive implications for internal teams
* Unified communication and vision
* New business on back of launch catalogues