Project: Group Trend Toolkit
Who: iitalla Group (FI)
Interior & Home
Time: 5 months

“Clearly illustrate how trends and consumer insights translate into new concepts and strategy work”

To create a generic Group Trend Management Toolkit to inform future roadmaps and support innovation and concept themes development across the entire iittala group. The tool must be easy to navigate and clearly illustrate how trends and consumer insights translate into new concepts and strategy work. Create and conduct a series of workshops for iittala group employees to implement toolkit.

Developing an interactive and transparent Trend Management Toolkit to be used across all the iittala brands for both short and long-term strategic trend and consumer insights. The toolkit must manifest, verify and narrate the most relevant trends to keep the iittala group up-to-date. Further it must feed into all categories across the brand platforms and provide recommendations for implementation.

Our Work
* Verification and analysis of existing trend material
* Trend, media and industry scan
* Analysis & synthesis of findings
* iittala group tailor-made Trend Atlas
* Visual Trend Snapshots of short-term micro trends
* Mindsets development to illustrate consumer needs
* Lifestyle & Trend navigator for ‘at a glance’ insights
* Full scale trend, concept and recommendations
* Comprehensive report and executive summary
* Art direction, design and image sourcing
* Extensive Trend Toolkit ‘nice to know’ – top management
* Lean Trend Toolkit ‘need to know’ – middle management

Workshop Series
* Presentations for brand managers and creatives
* Trend Toolkit introduction and implementation strategies
* How to create ‘future proof’ concepts across categories
* Future scenarios and innovation concept themes

* Strategic brand insight and category ‘feed’ trend toolkit
* Facilitation platform to develop new innovation concepts
* Linking trends to consumer behaviour and homeware
* Strategic bolstering of iittala group ethos and vision
* Focused product innovation
 to reduce development cost
* Stronger brand awareness boosting sales across regions