Project: Market consumer segmentation
Who: Tikurilla (FI)
Decorative Paints & DIY
Time: 4 weeks

An opening keynote at ‘The Tikkurila Conference 2008’ followed by a survey and workshop for 150+ internal leaders and managers. This format will serve as an inspirational platform to discuss and develop a unified vision across all existing markets as well as new market ventures.

A) Create a visionary and inspirational presentation of trends impacting on the industry providing insightful narration of consumer values and associated mindsets.
B) Prepare and carry out workshop for delegates to aid understanding and use of the trend management toolkit.
C) Design questionnaire and conduct a comprehensive survey among the 150 delegates.
D) Use survey to validate methodology, trend framework and mindset model, while considering regional consumer preferences.

Our Work
* Design and implementation of workshop
* Design of consumer lifestyle and value survey
* Region specific research/analysis
* Linking trends & consumer behaviour to industry
* Analysis of Sociocultural attitudes
* Visual and verbal narratives of consumer prototypes
* Conclusions and future recommendations

* Introducing a systematic way of identifying trends
* Delegates inspired & updated on trends
* Providing unified framework for strategy
* Insights into emotional aspects of consuming
* Inspire innovative product offers and services
* Successful introduction of mindset model
* Confident and coherent internal communication