Project: NPD Design Brief
Who: Swarovski HQ (AU)
Lighting and Architectural Components
: 8 weeks

Deliver a holistic trend package introducing future focused stylistic lifestyle trends to inspire new thinking in the NPD (new product development) design team on component shapes, colours, effects and applications in line with requirements of existing segmentation.

Create lifestyle themes in accordance with each segment’s profile contextualised in accordance with market insight. Inspire NPD through visual mood narratives, themes and inspirational writing. Focus on shapes, stylistic themes, colour, texture and materials as well as physical environments.

Our Work
* Communicating and validating trends
* Comprehensive research and media scan
* Highly inspiring themes supported by original visuals
* Theoretical framework and rationale
* Coherent narration of core segments
* Contextual writing to underpin trend directions
* Linking trend management to market analysis 

* A highly inspiring and coherent design brief
* Framework for NPD and applications
* Bridging insight and product development
* Springboard for Product Innovation Brochure 2009+
* Coherent internal and external communication