Project: Impulse New Launch
Who: Lever Fabergé (UK)
Personal Care
Time: 12 weeks

“This project was really taken to the next level thanks to Kjaer Global’s visionary input”

Rethink the Impulse New Fragrance Launch as it has become predictable and consumers are increasingly indifferent to the platforms introduced.

* 4 concept directions for Impulse NV (new variants)
* The Emotional aspect of the product experience
* Blockbuster fragrance – conceptually distinctive
* On trend with fine fragrances
* Leading edge in mass marked
* Fragrance experience translated to cross-category
* Aspirational and acceptable to global target
* Attract new users

Our Work
* Cosmetics & personal care consumer behaviour
* Linking future trends & consumer needs
* Macro & micro trends for NV concept development
* Key NV concepts for qualitative market research
* Recommendations on current Impulse platform
* Strategic input into the future cycle and role for NV

* Fragrance ‘GODDESS’ became a bestseller
* Product proposition reached a broader audience
* A fresh and intelligent repositioning of the product