Project: Dentist Clinic Strategy and sales marketing tool
Who: XO Care HQ (DK)
Medical Devices B2B
Time: 12 weeks

“Thanks to the ideas and hard work of Kjaer Global we took our futures strategy to the next level”

Develop a CMF (colour, material and finishes) strategy for high-end dentist chair, workstation and associated products to increase sales. The idea was to create a holistic environment proposition to inspire, inform and aid better decision making for dentists when purchasing the XO CARE product range.

To create a coherent CMF concept and communication platform based on the understanding of the core dentist types as identified during the research phase.

Our Work
* Brainstorm and workshops with stakeholders
* Developing four core dentist profiles and scenarios
* Qualitative desktop research and media scan
* Analysis and synthesis of key findings
* Linking trends to dentistry and consumer behaviour

* Executive summary of key findings (A2 poster)
* Input to communication material
* Keynote at XO CARE summit

* Successful and clear trend management
* Unique and future-proof strategic CMF tool
* Comprehensive B2B consumer insights package
* Clear and coherent B2B communication and sales tool
* XO 4 won the Danish Design Prize 2007