Project: Vision 2020+ Global Scan
Who: WAGGGS Global HQ (UK) World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts
NGO, Education and Voluntary
: 12 weeks

To carry out a Global Trend Scan for a Vision 2020+ to support WAGGGS’ strategic planning process.

To create a comprehensive understanding of the issues, challenges and lifestyle choices facing girls and young women globally in the coming decade. The report should facilitate WAGGGS’ mission to reach out and provide opportunities for more girls and young women so that they can develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.

Our Work
* Qualitative & quantitative research
* Cross cultural & region specific research
* Pattern recognition & clustering
* Trend analysis & synthesis
* Customised Global Trend Atlas
* Linking key trends to girl scouting
* Inspirational report (writing & graphics)
* Guidelines feeding into Vision 2020+ action plan
* Presentation of report to WAGGGS top management

* Validation & back up of WAGGGS Vision 2020+
* Global Trend Report with regional specific insights
* A holistic tool for short & long-term decision making
* Global Trend Atlas highlighting key trends
* Systematic framework to support strategy work
* Inspirational comprehensive ‘action focused’ vision
* Future narrative of tomorrow’s girls & young women
* Boosting WAGGGS leadership within girl scouting