Project: The Future of Home Entertainment
Who Sony Design Centre (UK)
Consumer Electronics
: 5 months

“The future of the home entertainment industry”

A holistic qualitative study of both short and long-term global trends – investigating their possible impacts on the Home Entertainment and illustrating them as Future Scenarios relevant to Sony.

Qualitative Macro & Micro trend research to form a holistic picture of the future of home entertainment. Developing a holistic platform to inspire and inform design, brand and marketing teams. Pinpoint and validate the trends most salient to Sony.

Our Work
* Comprehensive Media & Technology scan
* Filtering academic studies & market insights
* Emotional qualitative aspects of tech attitudes
* 4D analysis of Home Entertainment Technology
* Linking Consumer Trends to Home Entertainment
* Technology & Entertainment Trend Atlas
* Trend & Lifestyle Navigator linking key findings
* An inspirational ‘action focused’ Trend Report
* Multiple communication & media platforms

* Trend Atlas decoded the cultural content of society
* Condensed qualitative insights for Sony
* Established core Home Entertainment Scenarios
* The ‘Future of Home Entertainment’ Report
* Core consumer electronics opportunities
* Consumers tech behaviour in everyday situations.
* Key drivers & motivators of tomorrow’s consumer
* Building & nourish customer relationship