Project: Trend & Colour Strategy
Who: Sony Design Centre (UK)
Consumer Electronics
Time: 5 months

Developing a Global Trend & Colour Strategy serving design, marketing and branding team. Pinpoint creative and strategic directions both short (1-2 years) as well as long term (3-5 years).

Communicating the most relevant trend insights – providing a strategic and holistic insights into colours, materials and finishes (CMF). Create a holistic tool to validate key trends & opportunities for Sony consumer electronics. The visionary trend tool should act as a bridge between Sony and the consumer – consequently reinforcing a coherent brand experience.

Our Work
* Expert feedback on current CMF strategy
* Comprehensive qualitative research
* Linking trends to consumer electronics
* Engaging key future mindset scenarios
* Detailing key insights
 & lifestyle preferences
* Stimulating written & visual narratives
* Creation of a holistic trend & colour tool
* Actionable strategic recommendations
* Presentation Sony HQ Tokoyo

* Validation of Trend Management work
* A holistic CMF tool providing strategic insights
* Actionable Trend & CMF overview
* A platform to enhance the Sony Brand experience
* Highly inspired design, marketing & brand teams
* A valuable inter-departmental tool
* Clear and unified communication strategies
* Overall Sony Global CMF strategy winner