Project: Global Consumer Segmentation
Who: NOKIA Global HQ (FI) + (UK)
Consumer Insight and Innovation
: 8 months

Expert feedback on existing segmentation and consumer trends vision. Development of a coherent customer driven ‘Visual Lifestyle Tool’ to inspire, inform and influence creative and strategic directions both short and long term. A visually and contextual tool to validate and enhance existing consumer segments in line with Nokia’s vision and ethos.

Analysis of Regional and Global Lifestyle Studies from extensive quantitative research – 77,000+ across core markets. Collating qualitative holistic lifestyle research to support and synthesise Nokia’s initial findings. Adding value by implementing Kjaer Global’s methodology and tools to support corporate coherence, objectives and understanding. Creating a global holistic framework serving marketing and strategy as well as design and communication teams.

Our Work
* Full scale contextual ‘Visual Lifestyle Tool’
* Expert Feedback on collated quantitative data
* Identification & validation of key lifestyles
* Consolidating data into lean key segments
* New global holistic lifestyle segments
* Holistic analysis of values, behaviour & profiles
* Analysis of general brand attitudes
* Consumer lifestyles linked to mobile behaviour
* Emotional & qualitative aspects of consuming
* Synthesis of Emotional, Social and Tech attitudes
* Comprehensive lifestyle & technology narratives
* Detailed consumer preferences insight
* Demographic relevance details
* Production of Book, Poster & DVD
* Educational Implementation Workshops


* Holistic in-dept segment overview
* Key opportunities in the mobile devices industry
* Nokia understand real drivers & needs segments
* Connecting processes across Nokia departments
* Bridging the quantitative & creative development
* A stepping-stone for cultivating corporate synergy
* Global/Local coherent brand experience
* Quality input consolidating global brand leadership
* Insights sustain and build customer loyalty
* Valuable extensive ‘stand alone’ tool
* Complementing Nokia’s trend & concept work
* Elaborates & build upon the Nokia language
* Succinct, inspirational and effective communication
* Efficient Global campaigns & events
* Allow scope for ‘local & regional’ opportunities

Unique Tools
* Multidimensional Methodology
* Visual Global & Local Snapshots
* How to Spot Overview
* Global Lifestyle Navigator